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A DX cluster (DxNet) provides a useful service to radio amateurs who are interested in DX (long distance contacts). The primary function is to allow the circulation of DX traffic information in a timely fashion. DxNet is only useful in an environment where it is connected via a network to other similar systems. DX information (known as “spots”) is sent via the national and international packet network to each connected user in turn.


The latest version of F5MZN’s DxNet is available on this web site from the downloading page.

Questions and suggestions

Please address questions, suggestions etc by Email to:
You may also send bug reports to the author using the above Email address or the messaging page. Please provide complete and accurate information to provide the best chance of providing an effective cure for your problem.


This software is public domain, and may be freely copied and distributed provided that no charge is made. Commercial use of this software is prohibited. No guarantee of performance or suitability for any particular purpose is provided. The author may not be held responsible for any consequences arising from use of this software.

While DxNet is provided free of charge for non-commercial use, contributions towards the development costs (documentation and C++ compiler, etc) would be welcome. The suggested amount of contribution is 20 US$ or 16 €.


Thanks go to all those radio amateurs who acted as beta testers and sent bug reports and suggestions.

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